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Meta Tag Optimization is a process of using Meta tags for optimizing a webpage. Meta tags are HTML tags which are used to inbuilt information about a webpage. Meta tags are generally placed in between the tags for identifying the related info by search engines. From Search Engine Optimization standpoint, though there is plethora of Meta tags, only two main Meta tags, Keyword and Description Meta tags are taken into consideration. Usually these Meta tags are not visible to the viewer but can easily be identified by search engines while retrieving data.

Meta Tags Optimization applies to major search engines which will display search results based on the Meta Tags used in the web pages. InMedia Concepts has extensive experience in providing Meta Tag Optimization services. We take utmost care while preparing Meta tags for the client website. As many search engines display the summary along with the title of your page in the search results. We try to make the exact phrases to reflect the concept of the website in the title of the webpage. We keep it short, crisp, clear and apt for attracting the customer to click the link of the website for sure.

What Is A Meta Tag?

Meta tags are HTML coded lines which are embedded in the web pages used by search engines while retrieving information of related websites. Generally these tags contain keywords, descriptions and titles relative to the specific website which search engines usually look for evaluating a website.

How To Use A Meta Tag?

Meta tags are placed in the head of the html document. The below is the example for using Meta tags in your webpage:



<title>InMedia Concepts

<meta name="description" content="About InMedia Concepts profile and services">

<meta name="keywords" content="InMedia Concepts, Search Optimization, SEM, PPC, Top Ranking" />

<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />



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